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Directory of Entertainers
Felaciana Thunderpussy

Toledo, OH
3 years
Titles Held:
Close, but no cigar...
About Felaciana:
 I am looking to start booking myself out there so
I can gain exposure for myself.  I have many talents
and can do many types of shows that range from
broadway to pop music and choreographed dances. 
I have been on showcast at Club Distractions and
Club Escape.  I'm currently on the showcast at
Caesars Show bar. I do such characters as Divine,
Wynona Judd, Anna Nicole Smith and Mama Cass.
I have performed all over Ohio and Michigan. I am also
the first alternate to Miss Toledo USofA At Large.
I recently competed at Miss Ohio At Large and placed
6th overall. I won opening presentation and placed 3rd
in Interview, 4th in Evening Gown and 9th in Talent.

Feliciana Thunderpussy