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Directory of Entertainers
Viviana Celeste

Toledo, OH
3-5 years
Titles Held:
Miss Rocky Horror
Miss Toledo RAY
About Viviana:
One dreary evening, a pride blended between gypsy's, tramps, and elves left a small child on the steps of planned parenthood  and was taken in by Symphony Alexander a playful little Nympho.....  and Desiree, a true goddess. That child was soon to become Viviana Celeste. Under her mama Desiree's strict nun-like tutiledge, Viviana evovled from Autumn Haze(a boy in a dress) to the Grand Diva, Viviana Celeste. Now, as she explores the world of sequins and boas, she finds herself teaching others and always learning more. NOW called Mama Celeste by her babies, she expirements and gets involved with the community.

Viviana Celeste