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Directory of Entertainers
Chelsea Delray

Kalamazoo, MI
16 years
Titles Held:
Miss Greater Great Lakes
Miss Club Deco
Miss Search for the Stars
Miss Michiana
Miss Brothers
Miss Queen of the Night
Miss Iowa Nationals
Miss Great Lakes
Miss Gay World
Miss Starz
Miss Eastern Michigan
Miss St. Clair County
Miss Port Huron
Miss Seekers
Miss Gay Kalamazoo
Miss Rag Tag
Miss Good Bad and Evil
Miss Michigan
Miss Michigan FFI
Miss Michigan Female Impersonator of the Year
Miss Michigan Performer of the Year
Miss Sunset Coast At Large
Miss SW Gay Pride
Miss Kalamazoo At Large
Miss Pretty Princess
Miss Capital Club
Miss Gay San Francisco
Miss Club Black Rose
Miss Gay All American
Miss Amatuer Brothers
Chelsea Says:
"I've been top 5 at Nationals and top 10.. I've also won 6 male titles. The real story is that I've been barred from as many clubs as I've won titles! See, good girls never finish first!"

Chelsea Delray