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Directory of Entertainers
Nickki Stevens

Detroit, MI
15 years
Titles Held:
Miss Gigis
Miss S.S. Dingy
Miss Club Gold Coast
Miss Royal Queen of Queens
Miss Woodward Strip
Miss Michigan Continental Plus
Miss Amateur Club Gold Coast
Miss Michigan Sunset Coast
Miss Michigan Great Lakes Continental
Detroit Entertainer of the Year
Detroit Emcee of the Year
1999 Spirit of Detroit Award
A Little About Nickki:
With her quick wit and dazzling costumes, Nickki Stevens
has earned a mountain of crowns, titles and awards
throughout Michigan. One of the most coveted awards
was the 1999 Spirit of Detroit award, given by the Mayor
and Detroit City Council for her long-going support of
charities and fundraising efforts. She currently owns the
Royal Queen of Queens pageant of Michigan which includes
Miss Junior Royal and Amateur Junior Royal. She is the
creator of the Battle of the Bitches contest which was started
in 2000 and held at Gigis Nightclub where she has been
the show director for the last 11 years. 

Nickki Stevens