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Directory of Entertainers

Directory Submission Form


Answer all the questions below to be included in the online directory. We also request that you send any photos you'd like to be used. A photo will greatly improve your chances of catching someone's eye. If you don't have any online you can mail regular photographs via snail mail. Enter your answers in the online submission form below or email them to


1)  What city are you located in?

2)  How long have you been dressing or performing?
(Round to the nearest year. If less then one year, please tell us how many months.)  

3) Please list all titles you currently hold.
(Both amateur and professional. They can be pageant titles or other.... as long as you won it doing female impersonation).  

4) Please list all titles you have held in the past.
(Both amateur and professional. If there are too many to list, choose 5-6 of the most recent or important ones to list).  

5) Anything else you'd like to say?
(You can use this space to promote yourself. List future goals, unique experiences, anything you'd like to say to convince someone to book you into their show.)

6)  Your Contact Information?
(This is usually your email address but you can include a phone number your home address, a managers email or phone address.... however you want someone to reach you. We will NOT post your personal information online unless you specifically request us to do so. All visitors will see is a link to email us, and we will contact you with their message. It will be up to you to rearrange things from there. If you'd rather have your personal information posted on the site so that visitors can contact you directly, please let us know. Please be specific about what you want posted!)

Once your answers are returned to us with a photo, we will begin putting your page together! Thanks for submitting your listing to our Directory! While other services may charge you to list, our Directory is 100% FREE and open to anyone, anywhere! Remember to help us spread the word about PowerDiva Productions, Michigan's newest drag promoter!

What is your drag name?

What city are you located?

Years of experience?

Current Titles?

Former Titles?

Anything else?

Contact Info?

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