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PowerDiva Productions


PowerDiva Variety Show

PowerDiva Variety Show!
Rumors Nightclub
Grand Rapids, MI
PowerDiva brought a whole lineup of entertainers to Rumors Nightclub last weekend for their first variety show! Headlined by the legendary Janet Iman and featuring Mystique, several others took the stage as well including Nikki Chaunte, Evelyn Forest, Nelly Fairfax, Destiny Evangalisa, Jada Knight, Alexander Dagrate, Justin Tyme and Alec Tronic! Hosted by April Evangalista, each entertainer put on unique entertainment in their own style for an adoring crowd.

Alexander Dagrate
Alexander Dagrate made his first appearance at Rumors Nightclub.

Nelly Fairfax
Nelly Fairfax owned the stage when she stepped onto it Sunday night.

Evelyn Forest
Evelyn Forest performs at Rumors.

Destiny Evangalisa
Destiny Evangalisa works the stage in Grand Rapids.

Mystique rocked the stage Sunday night at Rumors Nightclub.

Nikki Chaunte
Nikki Chaunte performs at Rumors Nightclub.

Alec Tronic
Alec Tronic put in an appearance at the PowerDivas show on Sunday.

April Evangalista
April Evangalista hosted the show Sunday at Rumors.

Janet Iman
Janet Iman worked the stage at Rumors.

Alexander Dagrate and Nikki Chaunte
Alexander Dagrate and Nikki Chaunte opened the show.