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PowerDiva Productions

The Carousel Bar

Queenie Taylor, Tarron Marrott, Monet St Criox and Morgan Summers backstage at the Carousel Bar.

Deangela Shannon
Deangela Shannon backstage at the Carousel during the Battle of the Sexes contest.

All that's left are memories...
Carousel bar held a lot of high profile shows and hosted a lot of big name entertainers. Many memories were made on that small stage. But all good things must come to an end.... here's just a few of those good things.

Chanel Hunter
Chanel Hunter performs at the Carousel Bar.

Nelly Fairfax
Nelly Fairfax at the Carousel Bar

September Murphy
September Murphy is the current reigning Miss Carousel.

Dymond Denae
Dymond Denae was one of many who got her start on the Carousel stage.

Jada Knight
Jada Knight was a regular at the Carousel Bar