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PowerDiva Productions


Miss PowerDiva

The First-Ever Miss PowerDiva Pageant!
September 26, 2004

Rumors Nightclub
Grand Rapids, MI
9:30 PM

Hosted by Toledo's
Hershae Chocolatae

with entertainment by PowerDiva's

Janet Iman
Nikki Chaunte

with special guest
Deangela "Show" Shannon!

Please contact Rumors Nightclub at 616-454-8720 to reserve your table for this event! Seating is limited and a full house is expected! Don't miss out on your opportunity to see this landmark event with a front row seat!


Miss PowerDiva Pageant
September 26, 2004


Hello and congratulations on deciding to enter the very first Miss PowerDiva pageant! We’re very excited and full of anticipation about what is shaping up to be one of the biggest events we’ve ever planned! Miss PowerDiva contestants have a rigorous and grueling process to get through while in competition. You will be judged on personal interview, talent, evening gown and creative presentation! However the benefits to the winner are far worth the effort as you will be the new spokesperson to an organization that books and produces shows throughout the entire state of Michigan, and gains attention on a national level in the drag community. The person who represents us must be talented and well rounded enough to handle the many duties and benefits that come with the crown. Essentially, we are looking for a total package! If you have what it takes, then by all means we expect to see you on pageant day!


1.  All contestants must have reached their 18th birthday, with valid government issued I.D.  This is a professional pageant but anyone is eligible to compete within the continental United States. All silicone will be allowed as long as contestants are male.

2.  Completed applications along with a $50.00 entry fee must be paid to Bradley Briegel by September 19, 2004. Contestants may still enter after this date with an entry fee of $75.00.

3.  All contestants must be present and on time to registration September 26, 2004 at Rumors Night Club 69 South Division Avenue Grand Rapids, MI at 4:00 P.M.  We will have registration and then casual interview immediately following.  We will move as quickly as possible through registration and interview, to allow time for you to prepare for the evening.  All contestants must be back at the bar by 8:30 P.M.  We will begin the contest at 9:30 P.M. 
4.  At registration we will be collecting music. We will label your music for you. Please make sure it is in CD format, no cassette tapes please. The DJ will not mix music.

5.  The crown is the property of PowerDiva Productions, until you have completed your reign.  In the unfortunate event your title is revoked, the crown must be surrendered in the original condition within 24 hours. Your remaining duties and prize money will be forfeited to the first runner-up.

6.  You will be required to do 4 PowerDiva shows and 2 benefit shows within your reign. These terms may be adjusted for out of state contestants ONLY with permission from Bradley Briegel. The PowerDiva shows may be at any bar or club.

7.  Everyone will conduct himself or herself in a professional manner. PowerDiva WILL NOT TOLERATE drugs, over-intoxication, theft or drama from any contestant, backup dancers and/or dressers. If you are involved in drama or over-intoxicated you may be removed from the pageant and the bar. If you are caught with illegal substances, stealing or generating viciousness towards any other contestant you will not only be removed from the bar and the pageant, but banned from ALL future PowerDiva shows and contests.

8.  All dressers and/or dancers must pay cover at the registration.  You will be given their dresser and/or dancer name badge.  You must have one on, to enter the dressing room. You are allowed only one dresser. Contestants will not be allowed to rehearse or compete unless their entry fees are paid in full.

9.  PowerDiva reserves the right to refuse any applicant with or without reason. Rumors Nightclub reserves the right to refuse any applicant with reason.


CREATIVE PRESENTATION - You will be given 2 minutes. This is the first impression to the judges.  No music is required, but will be accepted if you choose to provide it. You will model for the judges then introduce yourself on the mic. There is a Superhero theme. This can be any fictional superhero or a made-up one. Be creative! This category is worth 50 points per judge.

TALENT- limited to 7 minutes.  You will be given 2 minutes to setup props and 2 minutes to break down props.  If you use no props you use no additional time.  No water, fire, or live animal acts will be allowed.  Music must be on CD.  The CD must be scratch free.  The DJ will not mix music.  This category is worth 100 points per judge.

EVENING GOWN - May be of any color. No music is required. You will be judged on hair, makeup, modeling and overall poise and grace. This category is worth 50 points per judge. 

CASUAL INTERVIEW - This will take place at registration, before the pageant. You will be interviewed by each judge individually. This will take about 3-5 minutes per judge. You will be scored on your ability to communicate and express ideas, your answers to specific questions and basic interview skills. Treat this as you would treat a job interview because ultimately, that’s what it is! This category is worth 50 points per judge.

Please send applications via email to or mail to:

PowerDiva Productions
P.O. Box 1420
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Miss PowerDiva Pageant





NAME OF SPONSOR_______________________________________

__________LIVE          __________PANTOMIME

MUSIC SELECTION_________________________________________

NUMBER OF DANCERS_________________PROPS USED________


By my signature below, I hereby release and hold harmless PowerDiva Productions, Bradley Briegel, Miss PowerDiva, owners, management, employees and/or volunteers of Rumors Night Club or PowerDiva Productions from any liability and/or responsibility whatsoever resulting from, associated, or arising out of my participation in the pageant, including, but not limited to; personal injury, loss of, or damage to personal property, regardless of whether the loss or injury occurs before, during, or after the pageant and any related activities.  I also release myself from any video taping, photography, sound recording, still camera, motion pictures of this pageant.  I understand I have no rights to any of the recording (sound and/or video) that I may appear in.

I have read the rules and regulations of this pageant and agree to abide by the same.

Date__________ Signature____________________________________

Reasons to enter the Miss PowerDiva pageant

*** The very first professional titleholder for Miss PowerDiva ***

*** The Miss PowerDiva pageant crown ***

*** How about cold, hard, CASH? ***

*** A minimum of four bookings at a payout of $50 per show ***

*** Free online promo shots from Digital Drama ***

*** Sponsorship into Miss Michigan Grand Diva pageant ***

*** Exclusive PowerDiva merchandise! ***

*** All of the publicity and promotion you can handle! ***

Reasons NOT to enter Miss PowerDiva pageant

*** I don’t like crowns, they are heavy and mess up my hair ***